Specialist Equipment

At Approach Media we believe creating the most meaningful content relies on connecting directly wth your audience. Whether in a documentary form or for commercial purposes it is essential to convey meaning in a  way that speaks with the target audience. 

With that goal constantly at the forefront of our minds we, at Approach Media, have invested in some of the most high tech equipment available to help you tell your story. motorized Dolly Systems, Motion Controlled Time-lapse rigs and Direct Address/Teleprompter systems (for delivery directly to camera) all add to our formidable arsenal of story telling gear to help convey your message, with meaning....




4k Camera Tech

Using the latest in ultra high definition camera technology Approach Media can capture your story in incredible detail and colour. 

We believe that every story, big or small, corporate or documentary, should be a cinematic work of art... and with the new Canon C300mkii camera system we're creating some of the best videos for our clients.