We began specializing in youth outreach work and education-based filmmaking early on and since then we've created a range of compelling media to reach the masses, educate the public, and serve as beautiful, meaningful marketing material for faculties we believe in. 


A fly on the wall perspective of dorm life at Shawinigan Lake School, created as a tool for prospective students to see what awaits them in their new home. By employing documentary film techniques in these pieces we were able to create two videos that stepped outside of the traditional bounds of promotional/infomercial media content and create something boy realistic, informative and compelling for the future students. 


One of a large series of videos we shot to commemorate 100 years of Shawinigan Lake School, and showcase the unique education perspective of the institution. A humorous tone to the video showcases the lighter side of both students and teachers! Use of the "EyeDirect" tool allows for intense engagement with the pupils as their line of sight is directly down the lens of the camera, although they feel as though they are speaking with the director. 


A short documentary on seven Indigenous students in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest building their own wooden Stand Up Paddleboards, using traditional knowledge in a modern day world. In a nation where the odds are stacked against Aboriginals finishing school and breaking out of the poverty trap; these kids face progression, persistence, and perseverance. The Bella Bella Community School shows you have got to be bold enough to begin and strong enough to succeed. 


This video is one of a series of alumni fundraising videos we filmed for Shawinigan Lake School to help raise funds for the new campus library. The direct eye-line allows for maximum audience engagement with the topic, and the videos went on to be a very successful part of the campaign.